About Heather

Born and raised in Seattle, I’m a fourth-generation Puget Sounder. With roots that deep on the upper Left Coast I feel no need to paddle a kayak, climb Mount Rainier, or sleep in a tent in the wilderness to prove my Northwest credentials. I do enjoy a good road trip, especially if there are forgotten small towns and historic sites on the way.

 I’ve written about food, gardening, history, and travel for a variety of publications including National Geographic Traveler, Travel & Leisure, and Architectural Digest. While living in Anchorage, Alaska, I was a contributing editor for The Alaska Airlines Magazine.

For reasons now hard to remember I once spent two years rescuing and restoring a Northwest landmark pioneer home and opening it to the public. That experience led to a rare humorous essay assignment from American Heritage magazine and eventually provided the backdrop for my first novel, The Indian Shirt Story.

Much as I loved writing that book I swore I wouldn’t write another. I was wrong.  Currently I’m at work on a second novel, which I hope I still like when it’s done.

I live and write in a restored Craftsman bungalow at the south end of Puget Sound with a husband and a dog named Woody. In my spare time I cook at a local soup kitchen, conduct tours of the Washington State Governor’s Mansion, and—in defiance of Northwest stereotype—listen to country music. Mostly, though, I write.