December 20, 2013

A Modest Suggestion


Know anyone getting a tablet or ebook reader for Christmas? Woody (adorably pictured above) has two helpful ideas for spreading bookish good cheer:


1) The Indian Shirt Story makes a great quick, inexpensive gift for readers of all sorts. Really. Buy it on Amazon and have it delivered through cyberspace—whoosh!—just like that.


2) Pockets empty? Send your ebook-reading friends the link to a FREE download of “The Smartest Fish in the Ocean,” a lighthearted short story involving dancers and drummers, pink flamingos, a gray-braids-and-denim guest speaker, and graduation day at the last hippie college on earth. A complete read in itself, “Smartest Fish” also serves as a literary companion to The Indian Shirt Story. Available now through December 31st from Musa Publishing.

The Smartest Fish in the Ocean


Merry Christmas!



 Heather Lockman’s The Indian Shirt Story, an irresistible novel from the Pacific Northwest, is now available as an ebook from Amazon, Musa Publishing, and most other ebook stores.







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